6 Million innocent Jews 
were murdered in the Holocaust!

6 Million pennies will be collected
in their honor!

Ever since the founders of this organization went to the Holocaust Museum in DC with their school, they were dumbstruck by the thought of over 6,000,000 Jews having been killed. This began a search for something that we could represent this number with. It finally hit us, pennies! We would use pennies to represent each Jew who was killed. Every penny is unique, with rust or brand new and shiny. To us, they are all different, but they aren't any more than just pennies. They are equal and not worth any more than another.  Every human is the same. One is not more unique than the other, one is not worth more than another. 

We are all different , and that is what makes us the same.

With the search for 6 million pennies well on its way, we ask for donations of pennies. Any penny counts, just as every one person counts the same. 

When we reach our goal of 6 million pennies, we will donate the $60,000 to a charitable organization. When we get closer to our goal we will search for either over-seas organization or closer-to-home organizations. If you have great ideas of where to have us donate our $60,000 in pennies or if you are eager to learn how to donate, please email us at kaileigh@2kearthandwater.com or go on our Facebook page. Remember, we need the pennies!       

 Please donate to this great cause and contribute to this representation! We hope we can use this to help teach others the impact of the Holocaust... six million Jewish lives lost is incomprehensible. 

Any life lost is a life that matters and counts.